Commentary by Susan Nidle
April 6, 1998

Greetings. Bear with me as I comment on the update of March 28, 1998. Many of the phrases in this have triggered a series of thoughts for me. Let me begin.

      I’ve been picturing many of us during our rituals of prayer, meditation, thankfulness, etc. The INTENT of each exercise really seems to be of primary importance, and to me, intent is synonymous with foundation. Careful construction of the foundation of a building ensures its quality and permanence. It is, therefore, best to perform the first steps in building our thought form/ritual with care and attention, in order to ensure the strength of the outcome.

      Why are we performing our rituals?

      “Change is a means to transform you from one reality to another. The key to these procedures is the whole concept of Time as a wave regulator for Light.” Light (inferring divine Thought)“... waves that are moving out in all directions. Their movement makes all dimensions come to pass and carries the energies of divine Thought to all of Creation...You are divine and a co-creator of your realities. However, these realities FALL WITHIN THE SACRED FRAMEWORK determined by the Creator’s divine order to achieve a sacred ...enlightenment...It is also the primary means for enlarging the concept of existence.”

      Many things in this section appealed to me. Mostly, I was drawn to the reiteration that, even though we have choice and create our reality, in order for that reality to come to fruition, it must have some relationship (because of the level in which we find ourselves) to the framework of the Plan. In other words, if you chant for the expensive car, pray fervently for the big boat, etc., you are probably shouting echoes into a void. (Unless of course, it is your destiny to be shown some interesting lesson by this experience! But really, aren’t those lessons kind of boring in the end?) The direction vector (channel), the expression of our purpose, is done according to divine Thought, not whim. When we kneel, sit, lie in our little rooms praying for the answer, asking for the sign, straining to hear that voice within, it behooves us from the outset to understand and to acknowledge what it is we really are seeking.

      Is the outcome you seek copacetic with the shift in the greater Reality? Are you asking for that which will not benefit you, or those in your soul’s group, this time around the physical? In your meditation, start with your own singular perspective of the problem or situation at hand. Then, picture it spiraling outward to include all of those you know, and those who will be affected by the change you are requesting. We are not small children anymore, it is time for us to realize the impact of our thoughts and dreams. “Every soul contains a divine God-Thought or harmony. These harmonies can be interconnected to increase exponentially the Light in any physical reality. The interconnections are the positive thoughts brought forth by your sacred heavenly Lineage. Your inner Councils of Light use positive thought to help you manifest only positive realities or personal lessons for your growth...Physical reality gives you a limited sense of “free will”. The next important trick is to balance the two...successfully.”

      The trick is to tune in to the positive direction vector and to ask for that to be manifested. If you are in ‘sync’ and in tune to what truly helps fulfill your soul’s divine purpose, the energy must and will flow easily. Then, by asking your angelic council to assist and by calling upon those beings who oversee this reality, you will allow them to assist you in carrying out your soul’s destiny.

      “This change is a group decision. Souls come into a specific reality with the ability to utilize the power of their joint harmonies. When properly employed in large enough positive rituals, it can alter any negative reality into a positive one.” In this time of immense, profound change, the need to tune into the greater good seems even more essential. We are linking with our soul groups. Can you feel this? It doesn’t mean that we are physically closer to large groups of people. You don’t need to hug everyone you feel a soul connection with, although this might be very nice. I refer to that phenomenon of feeling intensely and irrationally heart- and mind-connected to family and non-family members. Lately, it seems more prevalent to experience the “coincidence” of synchronistic communications with people. They will understand completely, have the same thoughts and feelings at the same moments, no matter the distance. Have you noticed this occurring more often lately? In my life I have, very markedly. It is almost a kind of joke — friends half a continent away will write or call me, relatives will contact me, with my identical concerns and intents, even dreaming the same dreams and picturing the changing reality.

      What is your local reality, and of what, literally, does it consist? Identify your local deity. There is a small, sweet park near here. My dog, Winona (border collie/springer spaniel/maniac) and I carouse there regularly. Cedar trees attract me like magnets and I thought I knew the ones in my regular path, but today two local heroes I had never noticed before loomed by the side of the path. Two majestic, tall, old cedars allowed me a few moments of bliss. Winona communed with various little critters while I checked out the bigger ones and was granted another place of sanctuary. To return there during prayer and meditation will afford me many moments of stable connection with the earth. All of us who intentionally connect with the beings who watch over trees, mountains, water, are in turn linked powerfully by these devas. To some, this may seem obvious, but each thought form that we build together and ground through the earth is important. It is another way to build the network and to strengthen the grids.

      Years ago, I was in a group based on the ‘Rainbow Bridge Meditation’. This meditation was designed to aid the group and the individual to construct the “bridge” from the personality to the soul. In Sanskrit, this is called the antakharana. This is an ancient concept, identified in Hindu thought, and present in many old religions. But in the old days, the knowledge of this construction was relegated to secret societies. What is more, it was concentrated upon the individual alone building the bridge. Group building was not attempted. People would gather in groups to do individual work on their individual karmic level.

      The trick about the change we are preparing for, the amazing part of it, is that it is a group experience. More and more, as the last 50 years have gone by, greater numbers of people have been working in spiritual groups, forming group minds (not a herd, but a group), and then linking these group minds to other groups. This is what has been forming the spiritual framework for the grids now in existence. People, of course, work with “the guys upstairs”, the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Angelics and all of the Beings overseeing our planet.

      As a result of our souls’ intent, we are more specifically linked in groups. Not just family groups, which was how tribes and villages interacted, but destiny-laden, karmically-linked groups who agreed to be here for certain joint purposes. I believe this happened before, in certain limited instances. For example, in history there are instances of a profound change in artistic or philosophical thought manifested by small groups of amazing people all born, say, within 30 years of each other. Beings would agree to incarnate in a group to change a certain aspect of society, and to allow a certain wave of energy to manifest on the planet. Now, however, millions of people, bound together through intimate destinies via a web-like etheric structure, have incarnated to effect the ultimate change. We merely need to acknowledge and honor each other, and to act for the greater good of all. It is sacred and it is divine and it is happening.

      I have been thinking again about the issue of duality, black/white, this/that. Working, as I am, with death on a frequent basis, I seem particularly fascinated with the very moment of transition. One day at work, a group of us were discussing a patient's moment of death and someone remarked, “You know, it was so sad, when she died, she was all alone.”

      A famous, compelling modern author of books on near-death and metaphysics even founded an organization to facilitate work with dying people. He is fond of saying that no one should die alone. Compassion and beauty surround that thought; it is a noble one. But, from what I have seen, no one dies alone. I think the ones left behind are the only ones who think those thoughts of loneliness.

      Sure, there may be no one physically present, but the universe is large and the heart of God is infinite. There is room for love for everyone. There are beings present to shepherd the soul through the curtain, no matter what the bittersweet actions of the life lived. Death/life. But, paradoxically, you DO always “die” alone. Another example of black/white, etc. and no easy answers. No logical explanation.

      From what I have seen, there can be many present — relatives, loved friends, archetypes of love and beauty and eternity, and even some helpful souls masquerading as a loved one. They all gather at the moment and bring the dying person through. (The “masquerading” ones are volunteers, empathetic souls recruited to help smooth the psychological effects of the transition.) In most traditions, especially agrarian ones, the Mother in some form assists. Be it Hathor, Mother Mary or whatever, some representation of the Mother is present.

      And on this side, no one comes through to birth, alone. The mother is here, physically. And the Mother energy is present. But here, too, the birth is ultimately done alone, for all of us come down the birth canal, or out of the womb somehow, alone. Even if you are born a twin or triplet, you are dealing with your own energy, your own karma, your own choices and decisions.

      No one goes through the final curtain of personality, down the final tunnel with you, in your body, except you. I suppose that could be called a “lonely” journey. True. At the same time, it is not lonely, there is no real separation, there is no “aloneness”. If we could view the whole picture, penetrating through this cloud of dense reality, it would be obvious to us that the idea of separation is an illusion. We are in a sort of staged play, as the poets say. Written, produced, directed and acted by that clever talented personality -- the fabulous you. Assisted, of course, by the infinite you.



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