Monthly Cetacean Meditation

At Each New Moon


Dianne Robins' book, "The Call Goes Out", contains messages which the Cetaceans (whales and dolphins) transmitted to her. Having read this book, I somehow felt compelled to initiate a monthly world meditation, strictly devoted to the Cetaceans, so that they can feel our support, love and appreciation for what they have done, and are doing, to help us and our planet in our ascension process, according to the Divine Plan.
Dianne Robins' book, "The Call Goes Out" can be ordered through: Medicine Bear Publishing (207) 374-3831


The Cetaceans are the only fully conscious beings living on Earth. That they are fully conscious means that they are in touch with their divine selves, and that they communicate with the Spiritual Hierarchies and with the Galactic Federation of Light. The Cetaceans are spiritual beings in a body that looks different from ours. We are spiritual beings in human form. ET's are spiritual beings in human and non-human forms. The Cetaceans are ready to sacrifice their lives to save us and their blue water world - planet Earth. They now need our support, our love and our acknowledgement of their divine purpose. Let us recognize the Cetaceans for their countless thousands of years of service to us. Through the Global Web of Light, let us send them our love and support them in the prevention of the destruction of their species and our own.

About the Meditation

On every new moon, starting from (6:00 PM) local time, let us join and dedicate ten (10) minutes to meditate upon the Cetaceans, to acknowledge their service to humanity and to Earth, and to send them our love energy so that they can at last feel the connection with their brothers and sisters on land.

I thank all of you on behalf of the Cetaceans. My thanks also to Dianne Robbins for being one of their major spokespersons.
Bil El Masri

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