Gori Journal

It was the tenth day of Ach-Lem in the year 10456 when my ship drifted into Earth orbit. It was the end of a ten-year journey filled with adventure and strange events. Before I  begin my journal let me explain who I am and the circumstances that brought me to your world.

My name is Gori-An Schar'a and I am a 230 year-old artist and historian from the planet Cem-Lam.

I hope that this journal enables the reader to understand my world and to benefit from my knowledge of the galaxy. It can be a frightful place to those unprepared for its wonders. However, to those prepared for its reality, it can afford a most mind-altering experience.

May this treatise of my discoveries serve
you well.

Ted Mahr from Out of This World Radio Interviews Colleen and Miles about GORI
and His Journal
. To Listen: Click Here


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