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Dear Friends:

The PAO is a non-profit organization and we must pay as we go. Although we provide you with FREE updates, we have no regular source of income to pay our overhead and expenses. To survive, we must rely on your donations and the modest sums we earn from my Webinar lecture series and printed materials.

How Can You Help?

Several years ago, we introduced a voluntary subscription program to support the free weekly updates. It works like this: If you enjoy reading the free weekly updates, we ask that you send PAO a contribution, perhaps the price of a good book or your favorite magazine subscription. Renew your subscription now! Your contribution will enable PAO to continue providing our free updates.

The other way you can help us is by ordering our books, Webinar archives, etc. These activation materials are based upon subjects you have requested, or are important communications given me by the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy. They are powerful consciousness raising tools that help to explain what is actually going on here on planet Earth and the current status of first contact.

All of us at PAO are deeply grateful for your immediate attention to our request for financial help. Your Love and positive intentions will ensure the success of PAO's mission. Truly, Together we are Victorious!

From our hearts to your hearts, Za Zu Ma! (Sirian for Thank You!)

Sheldan Nidle
Founder, Planetary Activation Organization

To order books: Click Here
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To contribute to the PAO using our secure online contribution form: Click Here
Or send a self-addressed envelope to:
Planetary Activation Organization
P. O. Box 4975
El Dorado Hills, California 95762 USA

Having problems ordering or contributing using our online shopping cart? Please let us know by email: This will enable us to correct any technical problems.