Featured Articles
February 2002 Sheldan's Letter to the PAGs for 2002 ~ Creating Money, Prosperity and Abundance Now
October 2001 Your Journey to Full Consciousness ~ An Afternoon with Steven Greer ~ Prayers of Peace
August 2001 Dhyana Markley Speaks About the Inner Earth ~ Are You Riding the Waves of Time?
May 2001 Did We Really Land on the Moon? ~ Remembering with Your Galactic Calendar
March 2001 Messages For The True Millennium ~ "2001:A Space Odyssey - The Movie And The Reality"
December 2000 Sheldan's Letter to Fellow Lightworkers ~ The Roswell Incident - Origins and Aftermath
November 2000 Sheldan Previews "Your First Contact" ~ Updates and Galactic Time
September 2000 My Visit to Istanbul by Sheldan Nidle ~ PAGs On The Inside by Chyrene Pendleton
December 1999 Sheldan's Millennium Message ~ Pags And Paws As "Ambassadors Of Light"

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