Sheldan Nidle (author of the bestselling, "You Are Becoming A Galactic Human" and "Your First Contact") presents timely information on the formation of Planetary Activation Groups, nodes of consciousness in the fast-growing global web of Light that will promote the restoration of humanity to full consciousness. The Planetary Activation Organization is creating a global network of consciousness dedicated to developing the tools needed to bring about a fully-conscious society.

    You will learn:
  • The role of the Planetary Activation Organization (PAO)
  • How to form Planetary Activation Groups (PAGs)
  • The significance of the global web of Light
  • The coming role for Galactic Adventure Centers
  • The three easy-to-apply principles of Fluid Group DynamicsTM
The ascension shift that lies within reach is full of concerns clouded in uncertainty. This book helps to clarify these issues and shows you how to create a light network that is solution-focused and self-organizing and that points the way toward the restoration of your full consciousness.
     ISBN 0-9665791-5-1
     110 pages with illustrations.
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