Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        6 Etznab, 1 Chen, 1 Caban        

Greetings, dear Ones! We come just as the new Gregorian year settles in. Many use this time to reflect on the foregoing year and to consider what lies ahead. In like vein, let us examine what has transpired and what is preparing to raise its blessed head for all to see. The first part of the galactic year of one Caban saw the foundation laid for a major American constitutional crisis to erupt in the first six months of this Gregorian year. Many individuals have come forward to testify to the massive misdeeds of the current administration. In turn, many major figures in Congress have asked for a general proceeding to begin that can ultimately result in a bill of impeachment against the American president. In addition, forces across the planet are closer to initiating a move to evict this present American regime. We in Heaven are watching all this and dearly desire that the pace for the completion of these actions be accelerated. The goals of the dark remain the same. What has now changed is the amount of positive energy that is daily directed against them.

      This positive energy permits American federal prosecutors to go forward with their investigations. Indeed, the growing dissatisfaction of the American people has further emboldened covert dissident groups in the American government to push their difficult tasks through to a successful conclusion. However, these activities, while heartening to us, have not yet allowed the manifesting of the many things we desire for you. This obstacle is caused by the fact that the representatives of the Galactic Federation on and about your planet have not yet been permitted to openly interfere in your affairs. We dearly want the last part of this present galactic year to witness the releasing at long last of our ships and personnel. To this end, we have drawn up a plan for the speedy implementation of the last part of our first contact mission. The start of this more overt scenario began ten days before the last solstice. A series of secret meetings was held with our Earth allies and many friendly governments. Dates were formally introduced and a possible set of actions suggested to all parties.

      Talks are also ongoing with your Ascended Masters and the higher Orders of Heaven. We wish to complete this particular mission and move on to other key concerns. We fully comprehend the situation on your world and our appointed role in these matters. Nevertheless, it must be noted that your planet is moving ahead with her own activities. A series of quickening movements is in process around your globe. This can lead suddenly to catastrophes that can make the events of your past two Gregorian years seem trivial by comparison. We say this not to be alarmist, but to emphasize the urgency for action on both our parts. As the various tectonic plates start to lock, thus reining in the usual geological subsidence process, colossal repercussions can ensue. Mother Earth wants to end the distressing connivances of the dark, so she acts to force the hand of Heaven. The time for the Light to operate openly is rapidly looming, and what has so far been done needs to be accelerated. First contact draws close and with it a most interesting surprise!

      Heaven is watching all this with great interest. You are in many ways a special gem, put on this wondrous orb for a purpose. This purpose is more than being the protector and overseer of Mother Earth and this solar system. It even goes beyond being a major component in the very altering of physicality. You are both spiritual and physical by nature. You reside in the great wave of Light that forged this Universe and which encompasses all of physicality. You are part of the Love energy that set all of spiritual and physical Creation into motion. The Creator chose wisely, and incorporated you into the very start of this entire process. This gives you a very great responsibility, which reaches way beyond what lies before you now: You have the capability to unfold the divine plan. Because of this, your return to full consciousness has a number of important consequences. Thus it becomes essential that the present goings-on be resolved positively, and the last denizens of the dark be grandly repulsed and then reformed.

      Monumental and wonderful change is now underway. Many exciting things are to happen in the coming year. Above all, we need to coordinate proceedings to ensure that the coming changes on your Earth are not perceived as the reason for our open appearance in your skies. First contact necessitates a certain degree of formal agreement on your world. We do not in any way wish to be seen as either invaders or usurpers of your world. These fantasies of your entertainment industry need to be set straight immediately. We come here in the name of the Light. We come to supervise Heaven's transformation that is swiftly returning you to full consciousness. This is no small matter. It is also a point that bears much repetition. The "alien abduction scenario" and general fear and confusion about us are the disagreeable product of your dark off-world overlords and their ever-obedient, Earth-bound minions.

      This unnatural xenophobia was masterfully concocted by the Anunnaki and their minions over millennia. Every time a significantly positive event took place, this reliable bogeyman was waved in front of you to "spook" you into submission. You, dear Hearts, are not alone in this vast Universe. Nor are you the only ones whom the Creator has endowed with the ways of the Light and the teachings of Heaven. Free will is conferred by degrees, with the fullest amounts reserved for the most highly conscious. Your world has been violated repeatedly from the start, and all your beliefs in the supposed sanctity of your civilization are hogwash. Consider your endless wars, and the distortions and omissions of your history. What has saved you is the continued intervention by Heaven and by those who espouse your cause in this galaxy!

      In the eyes of the dark, you are a mere dalliance, saved from eternal damnation by Heaven's intercession. This sticks in their craw, so they turn your reality upside down to control you. Your say in these matters has been minimal until recently. Now, the present is full of promise. The dark is receding from its entrenched positions and is resorting to smoke-and-mirror tactics. These acts nevertheless confuse you. Just know that these obfuscations are temporary. Slowly, those whose job it is to inform you are letting out smidgens of the truth, hence the recent intimations of how the present American regime has manipulated and spied on you to advance their cause. The present outcry is only the tip of the iceberg! Yet, this provides a valuable lesson about the very nature of limited consciousness.

      Limited consciousness is a tool of the dark. It grants enormous power and effortless deception. You entered this condition with naivety, and now you require the great wisdom gleaned from the despair of those millennia. Use this now to drive them from this realm. We stand ready to join you and assist you in returning this land to the Light. During this joyous process, release the twisted notions ingrained in you by the Earth minions who drew up the so-called religious philosophies of your world. Listen within, and allow the Light to work in unison with you. Draw your power from this magnificent source and use it to transform your world and, above all, yourselves. Remember that you are not alone. Your planet and, indeed, Creation are behind you. Above all, use the energy of Love and her Light to profoundly and divinely change your world!

      Today, we reviewed the events of the past year and considered those just ahead. We ask you to regard recent past events as a sign of the quickening of your grand transformation. The coming year holds much promise for change. Indeed, events are transpiring that can manifest our swift arrival on your shores. Let this new Gregorian year be the one that brings first contact and the start of what you all dearly desire! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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