Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        7 Eb, 15 Chen, 1 Caban        

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts, to sit before you and impart some valuable new information about first contact. First contact is something that we have been working at for over a decade. At the outset, it was to be merely a full-scale public revealing of our existence. But this initial belief was soon to be greatly modified. First contact has now become a joint effort comprising our Earth allies, your Ascended Masters, and us. When the mission requirements began to expand, we started a log to keep abreast of the growing magnitude of changes. Reviewing this log recently led us to a number of conclusions: First, we need to keep the fleet at the ready and fully deployed to carry out an immediate mass landing scenario. Second, we require our Earth allies to commit only to those items on any given agenda that they are actually able to fulfill in a diligent and truly orderly fashion. Finally, we need to make sure a mass landing can in fact be likely in the very near future. These items are at the very top of our list of priorities. We expect the intensity of these desires to bear fruit in the form of a swift finale to this mission.

      We have said enough about our fleet's personnel and make-up. We are diverse in both sentient species and in variety of craft. Our mission has studied your world carefully. We learned much and comprehend what is needed to finish this task successfully. Many of you believe that we can arbitrarily decide to stage a mass landing, but this is sadly not the case. Too many complex variables need absolutely to be accounted for before such an action can be carried out. We are ever mindful of what has hindered us in the past, and what continues to hinder us now. Moreover, we do not intend to make an early, small-scale landing in a spot that we would announce in advance. Those who put this about are merely spreading silly lies and spurious disinformation. As of this date, first contact is to be effected strictly according to the plan drawn up by the three groups mentioned above. It is to be a massively staged occasion, done in concert with our Earth allies and under the ever-watchful supervision of Heaven.

      Having set this straight, let us move on to what is now bearing on this case. We recently received a formal decree from Lord Surea in Heaven's great throne! It gives us a dispensation to land and complete first contact. We rejoice at this wondrous edict from the triune Creator of all things! Yet, we must act with great responsibility. At present, your world strives to escape the clutches of a deep darkness. To you, this process seems to move like molasses! Yet, the opportunities this provides are gouging huge holes in the unity of the matrix set up by the dark. Despite this, the suffering of the global populace has increased. And while the end is in sight, many are needlessly dying, and others are oppressed by the illegal use of force by the dark's minions. We have weighed this in our mission conferences and have devised a number of options, the foremost being to pressure our "partners" and to use this dispensation to land in the very near future. This has yielded some very positive results.

      Our heavenly "partners" are following the divine Will, and thus these divine Orders and Councils of Heaven have asked the Ascended Masters to clear the way for us to land on your most alluring shores. The pressure this puts on our Earth allies is immense and forced a quickening of their timetable. This pleases us greatly, and we rejoice in this change. Even so, their swifter action still leaves us basically in the same spot. We remain optimistic and sincerely expect this to be the year for effecting first contact. But, we recall to our cost how many came and strode onto the scene with much promise, yet in the end with little to show for their efforts. We know this and fully intend for this time is to be different. Meetings are now being held on your world holding the promise for the finishing of preliminaries. The prerequisites for regime change are being addressed as never before. Previously prohibitive factors are beginning to crumble, and we are close to a final resolution.

      This resolution has not yet evolved to the point of tying down a date; this aspect is still fluid. But we are trying to create conditions wherein all parties can agree to a firm date. As you know, we have gotten to this point many times before. But the difference this time lies in the compelling nature of this present period. Many of our Earth allies are vividly aware of how dangerous the present American regime is to the world. Its current posturing is destabilizing not only the Middle East but many other areas as well. Also, the arrival of the new currency system and the coming fall of the fiat-based dollar have thrown this administration into a panic. These elements do not bode well for your world. Accordingly, it is the wise opinion of the majority of our Earth allies to remove this illegally elected regime with all possible speed. Allegiance to this cause increases daily, and we fully anticipate a regime change to happen in this year.

      As the time for a truly momentous event draws nigh, we closely monitor your world and watch out for situations that can greatly endanger your global society. We stress to our Earth allies that the Earth is determined to change her configuration and is preparing her surface for massive "remodeling." The huge chain of mountains that runs from northern Canada to the wilds of Patagonia, the Himalayas, and the Alps are due for major recasting. In fact, all the larger mountain ranges of your world are now at risk. This, taken together with the melting of your polar ice caps, signals that the great cycle of change is underway all across the planet. The global warming created by humanity's negativity aids this cycle. This growing danger is a selling point for speeding up the arrival of our fleets upon your shores.

      As Mother Earth and we work hard to accelerate first contact, our Earth allies' operations are at various stages: Some aspects of their programs are close to or have reached completion, while others progress at a snail's pace or seem completely stalled. The overarching concern is how to legally remove this American regime from power. A number of possible tracks are being followed, all with different timelines. We have asked our Earth allies to focus on the fastest route and to commit to making it their primary scenario. So at present, all responsible parties are addressing this program for regime change. We intend to guide them to finally unify their efforts and forge a timetable for completion. All things considered, ousting this present administration from power is swiftly becoming the lynchpin for first contact.

      First contact is moving forward. As we said at the start of this message, the complex variables of your world must all be considered in the mix. Yet we know that this can be done rapidly and can lead to a number of positive and longed-for results. Thus, we have initiated Project Omega. This project is put together as a solution to all that we have so far related to you. Our fleet liaisons and their on-ship counterparts produced a network designed to move first contact forward by concentrating on the many current roadblocks. We are determined to solve them and to prevent any disaster that might derail the progress of our Earth allies. To this end, this network dispatched personnel and the necessary technology to rapidly make first contact feasible. Remember, Together We are Victorious!

      Today, we discussed the changes being brought to bear on first contact. The last decade produced many variables that impinge on first contact. The present intent is to reform anything in this mix that hinders the achieving of first contact. Hence, we set up Project Omega and put its wonders in motion! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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