Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        1 Cauac, 2 Yax, 1 Caban        

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts, with more about what is happening on, below, and above your beautiful home world. As we stated in our last message, we have initiated "Project Omega." Since many of you have either objected or wondered about it's meaning, let us begin by renaming it. The new name for this project is its Sirian tag "Decra Zau," or "Operation Spirit." The purpose of this task is to hurry the move toward first contact and remove any remaining barriers as soon as possible. We are using our full creative potential, evolving new approaches, and involving in this task the most knowledgeable of our personnel on Earth affairs. As noted last week, first contact progressed in the past half decade into a mission that, on your world, takes in many interlocked variables. The constant shifting of these factors continues to frustrate the achieving of a rapid conclusion to our mission. Thus, we are moving this into a new final phase. We are going to keep on informing you on this endeavor while at the same time pushing hard for our Earth allies to finish off what is needed for our mass landing to occur successfully in the very near future.

      This task, as always, involves no special circumstances for anyone before contact is achieved. No special landing sites have been assigned nor for that matter have they been in the recent past. Our purpose remains a mass contact with you. Thus, we worked on this matter with the Agarthans and with those personnel on your planet in a position to know of us and recognize fully what is happening on your world. First contact is, above all, a broad recognition of the Truth behind your move to full consciousness. This move goes beyond any concepts that may be floating around the "mass public." Rather, it is a realization of the vast spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical changes happening to each one of you. These changes in their full measure have either been denied or covered up by your so-called medical and physical sciences. Also, the xenophobia inspired by your religious philosophies further adds to the fallacies endorsed by the "powers that be." The need is to forge something new and unique that embodies the Truth and goes beyond the delusional dualism of this present dark-oriented reality.

      Your plunge into limited consciousness permitted the dark to set up power structures that mentally and physically bind you to them and their Earth bound minions. In the last few centuries, means were put into motion meant to free you. Unfortunately, the nomenclature and accompanying beliefs of this reality make this task of freeing you most difficult. Heaven and the divine plan therefore devised devices for freeing you from this oppressive mind-set. The rise of America, the French revolution's "Declaration of the Rights of Man" are only two of the ideas that have moved you toward your destined liberation. Most recently, the rise of an "electronic revolution" on your world in the past few decades signaled that the centralized control of the dark is quickly fading away. In this newly created environment, the decentralization of control is leading to an emergence of new ways to express your freedom and go beyond the restrictions imposed by your reality's dark dualism. Those powerful ones on your world who recognize this and wish to become part of the consciousness revolution are becoming our greatest allies.

     The key to defeating this dualism is True Universal Love. This concept goes far beyond the terms and expressions of your religious and scientific philosophies. It is an energy that created all things within the context of the Great Blue Light of Creation. Since a full acceptance of these Truths requires states of higher consciousness, Heaven began the great transformation that you are all going through. Swimming in these seas of evolving consciousness are the old forces of your reality. The result is a multitude of reasons and beliefs for what is happening to you. We need to use our "good offices" here to literally free you from drowning in the misbeliefs and other gibberish now permeating your mind. The key is to understand that you are indeed changing for the better and to comprehend that you are part of a global transformation in consciousness. In turn, this change hugely affects your world. Seen in this context, it becomes easier to look at our position and discover the Truths long hidden by this reality's inherent dualism.

      When we observe you, we see you in a reality that is rapidly becoming unglued and hence creating much chaos. This chaos is also leading you to new structures that are swiftly appearing in an unzipped state. Your task is to take these and construct a new reality. As we look further into this reality and see how it transforms, we note that sages or "technology prophets" long heralded the start of this process. Thus, we presently concentrate on these ones as well as those now phasing in elements (for example, new monetary systems) essential for these new structures to fully manifest as planned. Further, we are implementing strategies to counter the plans of the last dark minions to stop these things from formulating in your reality. This multi-step approach needs great diligence and a knowledge of how your world operates. Manifesting first contact requires wisdom, due diligence, and the Will to succeed and to communicate with you.

      In a nutshell, a project is underway that changes the obstacles to first contact into procedures that encourage it. In this context, the strange whims and beliefs of your world become ways to creatively alter your reality. In the past, we summoned the help of those who worked their magic to induce peace in our galaxy, but this failed to take into account the unique ways of this planetary society. Hence, these efforts, while well meaning, quickly became bogged down in the eccentricities of your world. Now, we have evolved a greater understanding of what is required. Consequently, we are using our personnel both aboard ship and on-planet to carry out the necessary preliminaries. This strategy is much more workable, as it is filled with general common sense about your ruling power structure and you. This plan can and will lead to first contact!

      The inherent duality on your world has certainly forged special circumstances. Often, when first contact teams encounter a potential new Galactic Federation member, the degree of xenophobia and misconceptions about the universe would have greatly dissipated. This is not the case here. We had thought that the procedure of first contact could act as a catalyst and produce a global catharsis for change. This has proven highly inaccurate. Your degree of primitiveness and your highly emotional attachment to your misguided beliefs need to be taken into account by us and a new approach to first contact devised. This re-evaluation led to "Decra Zau." Its provisions allow us to rework our interweaving of personnel and other resources with those of our Earth allies. The time has come to move forward to first contact!

      As we progress, we intend to keep a degree of stability to ensure your survival. There are forces on your globe desiring a scorched-earth policy when their defeat is deemed inevitable. Thus, we can easily maintain a surveillance that prevents the use of nuclear weaponry. Many on your planet still feel that whatever it takes to gain world dominance is divinely justified. This horrible misconception can and will be kept from manifesting by our fleet. Our mission is to move your global society toward a grand shift in consciousness and provide the final proof that you are not alone. This includes a grand reunion with your heavenly family. First contact is a major watershed in your history. Hence, first contact can and will happen! Remember, Together, We are Victorious!

      Today, we reviewed the reasons and the basis for implementing "Decra Zau." These are founded on the realities that underpin your present reality. Our aim is to transform this reality and, in so doing, to carry out the rest of our first contact mission. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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