Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        11 Lamat, 11 Ceh, 1 Caban        

Greetings, dear Hearts! We return with yet another message for you. As you begin to look at your Universe with your new, fully conscious "eyes," you will see a living Being that we call the "child of Creation." This living Universe is quite complex. She consists of a spiritual domain, which contains another that you presently know as physicality. Each "bleeds" into the other. No firm boundaries actually exist. Yet, there is a given set of natural energy exchanges that roughly defines one from the other. Each part of this "child" knows the responsibilities of the other. A natural give-and-take results, which identifies how the various aspects of Heaven's Orders and Councils interact with one another. Within this massive energy membrane, the divine plan functions and works out, magically and superbly, how each part helps to unfold the sacred entity that is each Creation. Every individual comprehends that she/he has an important part to play and that this allotted "part" reveals itself simultaneously in infinite numbers of realities and in uncountable numbers of dimensions.

      This innate connectivity between all aspects of Creation has helped us greatly to become enlightened on how physicality operates. Physicality is layered like an immense onion. Each layer comprises a great number of sections. These sections, in turn, consist of similar realities clustered around a definite part of each physical dimension. Within these are found the various galaxies, stars, and so forth that are physical reality as you know it. The indigenous peoples of your world primitively grasped this concept and considered every part of their environment to be alive. In truth, this is only part of the story. Consciousness is in everything. Even the seemingly artificial object that you manufacture has a semblance of this grand design within it. This energy is taken from the "Soul force" that you provided when this reality was initially created. It is this Soul force that acts as the necessary foundation upon which you have each built your enormous number of ongoing lives. These lives are constructed inside Soul groups and allied Soul families.

      Heaven is built upon an essential, sacral orderliness quite unlike what your present logic perceives. Hence, to permit you to comprehend this divine order, Heaven long ago gave many inquisitive souls on your world the concept of sacred Councils and divine Orders. In actuality, these function in a manner quite different from the way councils and orders operate on your world. Each Order is like a river flowing from her divine source in Aeon. It is these Orders that carry forth the divine decrees of the Creator. Each one functions much as a river on your world carries its silt and other organic materials toward her delta or to the confluence with another river. In this way, sacral Orders constantly and freely interact with one another; each is not truly segregated from the others. Councils are like points of dispatch. Here, the myriad sacred Orders come together and intuitively direct how, when, and where the many decrees of the divine plan are revealed. When these groupings of heavenly Orders and allied sacred Councils reach physicality, they form into Soul groups and the larger Soul families.

      In physicality, various concepts of Light and dark exist. These variations are merely part of a complex plan to carry out the innate verisimilitudes of each reality. Remember that the purpose of physicality is to be a sacral testing ground in which all possibilities are explored. Out of these countless results, the chosen path for the divine plan is shown and simultaneously, realized by Heaven. Hence, you are that part of Heaven assigned an important series of special dramas to play out. Within you resides an experiential wisdom that Heaven uses to unfold the great complexity that is the core of each divine Creation. This interaction between your divine Soul groups and allied Soul families is carried throughout Creation as it happens. This divine process lets each part of physicality interact directly with Heaven. It is this system that you become more aware of as you grow in consciousness. In fact, a major by-product of increased perception is sensing how the "veil between the worlds" works, and then planning to end it.

      To us, the various dilemmas that you find yourselves in are part of what we have just described. You are transitioning between the world that you presently know and the one that you clearly sense in front of you. The last travails that you are all passing through are the markers in this last part of your current cosmic drama. We already exist in the realm that you are fast approaching. Since our transition was made eons ago, and in a very different way, it is our role in this drama to take much-needed supervision from Heaven. Concurrently, we are working on another possibility wherein our special intervention becomes more direct, as and where needed. This special role gives us a great deal of responsibility for successfully moving you from your present, much-troubled realm into one quite similar to that which we now enjoy. In effect, we are moving you from the difficulty of a realm based on duality to one based on divine Love.

      Recently, we described our Motherships and gave you a brief tour of inner Earth in order to accentuate these differences. Your reality has reached a point where you either survive, or rapidly join the multiplying mass extinctions of species on your world. This possible scenario is found throughout the scientific literature on your environment and the studies on the functioning of your global society. What these studies fail to embrace is your accelerating spiritual growth and ever-rising consciousness. Another omitted aspect is the fact we are fully involved in your transformational process. This first contact mission grew over the past decade into a full-blown transitioning operation. At present, this mission is in many ways quite subtle, and yet in others, much more direct. Our main concern is timing. We fully intend to bring our world to you!

      The last steps to first contact are presently happening. The people put into positions of power on your globe are doing their last fatal dance. This dance of death has the potential to lead you to what was referred to, during the cold war, as the "unthinkable." This potential forces us to monitor your world very closely and to do what is necessary to hasten first contact. We understand clearly how dangerous your global conditions truly are. Yet, within these terrible possibilities lie the seeds of your new reality. A special worldwide operation is finally readying itself to go public. We ask that you continue to support each other and to see ways to help sustain the birth of a new and more enjoyable reality. We remain the bringers of a new reality and look upon your actions as much-needed support for what is divinely destined to happen.

      Amid all the dangers on your planet, we ask you to become part of the increasing growth of spirituality on your world. This is typified by Love, mutual cooperation, and a deep sense of the connectivity between all of humanity and the Divine. We watch in joy as a vast network representing these beliefs has grown up around your globe. We are thankful for your commitment and graciously ask you to keep moving forward on this path. The actions of this growing network of Soul groups and Soul families are a truly great source of inner pride for the people of Mother Earth. We respect deeply the amount of sacrifice you willingly made. As noted, your actions and the Divine Will of Lord Surea have come together. This sacred force, beyond any doubt, makes the successful conclusion of this first contact inevitable! Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

      Today, we reviewed the role of consciousness in your transformational process. We discussed how Heaven and physicality are tied together. We also reiterated our very deep commitment to this first contact mission. We ask that you support each other and remain positive in your outlook. Never forget that you are not alone, and that Heaven and this first contact mission are determined to complete this transition as fast as is divinely possible. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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