Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        4 Cib, 14 Pax, 2 Ik        

Selamat Balik! We come again, dear Ones, with more news about what is occurring on your world. At present, the last dark cabal is busy defending its interests around the globe. Our new galactic advisers on these matters first predicted the cabal's use of these most immoral strategies weeks ago. We are telling our Earth allies to proceed according to the agreements reached between us. Until these last few foreseen struggles are over, we are to see that the status quo remains in effect. These conditions of relative non-movement are not to last very much longer. During its death throes, the cabal has managed to keep a hold on most large international banking transactions. However, this grip is now loosening at a much more accelerated rate, due to the numerous plans that our Earth allies have put in place. These special "financial tricks" are paying dividends, and we expect that you are very close to receiving the funds so long promised you. In addition, our Earth allies are arranging for the legal removal of the present US regime. The first domino is nearly set to fall!

      Before this happens, our Earth allies are preparing the legal transitional government that is to restore America. The entire government of America is to be replaced! Understandably, this process, at first, seemed quite daunting. In short, an entire new government, replacing all that has governed America from the American Civil War onward, must hit the ground running. All the myriad statutes, types of governance, and modes of election need to be reformed. This involves revoking literally thousands of laws and modes of enforcement, reviewing all prior sentencing, and setting in place many former state constitutions as well as an entire system of workable common law, including suitable constitutional courts. Judges need to be retrained, where feasible, and a new means of retraining and retesting all attorneys and potential attorneys instituted. Indeed, no small task! Furthermore, recasting the whole election process is essential. This puts an end to the biased, money-based political system that has dominated America for decades.

      This wholesale revision of the US political apparatus is to apply to Canada, Europe, and most of the Commonwealth nations that formerly were part of the British Empire. In short, an enormous change in the world's political systems is to occur. These transformations form a large part of the fiscal and banking changes that are to accompany the formal delivery of the prosperity funds to your world. This is part of an operation that aims to create the type of world cooperation that is required to carry out the multiple disclosures needed for you to assume your first tasks of stewardship. These include: solving your global pollution dilemmas; ending world hunger and poverty; and setting up a means to resolve all prevailing, serious political difficulties among the nations of the world. To do this, the present global political environment needs drastic reformation! Everywhere you look, on most continents of Mother Earth, there is conflict. Conflict is supported by the highly chaotic political situation you now live in. Reforming this political climate calls for you to adopt a new set of standards to work from.

      In this new political climate, things that cannot get done before will get done! Our Earth allies have had the time to think long and hard about just how to do this legally and properly. Bear in mind that your global society has long been held hostage by a group of cabals whose sole interest was bettering themselves at the expense of Mother Earth and her peoples. These ones felt themselves to be above everything because they were the appointed minions of the planet's overlords, the Anunnaki. Now this has changed. The Anunnaki relinquished their former position of authority over a decade ago. Since then, your world remained in that erstwhile state while a group of very powerful men and women fought to determine what path your world was to take. This conflict is closing in on its own resolution. What our Earth allies are now doing, along with the resources given to them by Heaven and by us, ensures their victory. The finale of this long struggle comprises a last set piece that forces the dark cabal to withdraw and surrender.

      This act of surrender changes everything! Your world is at last set free from the tyranny of the past 13 millennia. An aspect of this immense shift is the unveiling of a great deal of long-suppressed technology, which runs the gamut from new sources of power to ways of quickly turning around your pollution crisis. Almost overnight, your world is liberated from the oppression of the petroleum age. Transnational energy conglomerates run your world with the support of a banking system that only encouraged their avarice. This global web translated its power into the global political system, and since 9/11 the difficulties springing from this total disregard for Mother Earth and her people have been accelerated. Inevitably, the vast excesses of these energy cartels and their associated petrochemical and energy industries are coming to a head; the time has come for them to pay for their crimes.

      This movement by our Earth allies for a huge alteration of your planet is, in fact, divine. If humanity is to survive these times, she needs an agency capable of the task. "Drastic times require drastic measures," and the events following the delivery of your funds are just the thing your world needs. However, it is beyond the measure of most minds to know the depth and extent of the changes required. Further, it is generally accepted that the degree of your global problems are largely insuperable. This is why the present series of activities was set in motion by the Divine, and why we are taking the time in this message to assure all that the required changes are nearly in place. As you look back on the full run of events that has preceded what is now occurring, you can see how labyrinthine an undertaking it was, and how essential divine inspiration is to both the process and outcome of this staggering undertaking.

      The operations currently underway are the start of a complex process that sets the stage for our arrival. We understand how difficult it may be for many to fully comprehend the many issues involved, and we know that the events forming part of the fall of the first domino need a lot of detailed explanation. Accordingly, the transitional governments, especially the American one, have set up a schedule of presentations of 3 to 4 hours each, one to be broadcast every evening for a period of 10 days once the initial governmental change has occurred. These messages can bring the American people up to speed on the myriad changes taking place. Similar programs are to be broadcast by the many other new governments resulting from the actions of our Earth allies.

      These things are to serve as the prelude to a mass first contact. We sense that the moment for this grand event is not that far off. Our part is initially to provide the guidance and wisdom in support of the excellent plans of our Earth allies. Next, we are to act as a divine observer whose purpose is to see that what is promised by our Earth allies is duly manifested. As these things come to fruition, we can, at the divine right moment, introduce ourselves to you. With this done, we can then set about the task of carrying out the last stages of a formal first contact with you. Then, for us, the fun and joy truly begin! And the mission of restoring you to full consciousness can start in earnest. You can then complete all this by forming a galactic society with your inner Earth family and forging the beginnings of your new star nation.

      Today, we have carried on with news of what is happening on your world. We ask you to remain patient and be able to respond to whatever comes next. This is a time in your history when a colossal change of direction for your planet is to take place. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

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