Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        2 Cib, 4 Uo, 4 Eb        

Selamat Jarin! We come again with more for you to know! Over the past few weeks a grand struggle has continued. This conflict involves the final few elements that can effectively transfer power from the dark cabal to our Earth allies. Until then, the dark remains in charge of this fading reality. Our Earth allies comprehend and accept this. Thus, what remains to be done takes on great urgency. Many new possibilities have been negotiated and put into place. Now these final and most daring maneuvers need to be executed by our Earth allies. We stand with them and encourage them to implement these strategies that can bring down the present lofty power of the cabalists. To prepare for these moves we have informed selected governments of what is now required of them. These 'warnings' are yielding the intended results, and many governments are preparing for the worst while nonetheless hoping for a way out. Upon completing these last steps our Earth allies can at last grasp the breakthroughs they have so long pursued. The deliveries and announcements can then follow!

      The environment that follows these events substantiates our intentions for you. The cabal's Machiavellian tactics are almost at an end; yet, to the casual observer, nothing seems to have changed. However, much, both overt and hidden, has indeed happened. The special order of the Illuminati is starting to break down as critical power shifts move the source of Illuminati control from one group to another. The current global economic, political, and military crises are examples of this. There is also a covert struggle going on over a new monetary and financial system, which, as you know, lies at the heart of the Earth allies' mission. A broad-based, international alliance has formed, which is helping our Earth allies to edge forward against the last cabal. This confrontation between Light and dark is heightened by the more overt one going on between those various groups still in bed with the last cabal, and such open warfare stokes even further the world's already high levels of chaos. It is this escalating confusion that acts as a smokescreen for what the dark plans to do next.

      The cabalists want to crush our Earth allies and force us to abandon the first contact mission. This objective is a pipe dream! The momentum of the divine plan in this realm forever negates any possibility of these dark dreams coming to fruition! The new reality being birthed radiates Light and abundance, and, above all, heralds full consciousness. A long era of manipulated limited consciousness is being replaced by an environment in which humanity manifests its potential and creates a realm of joy and fulfillment. This is the opposite of what the Illuminoids want. These life-affirming elements are being set up as a result of Heaven's massive shifting of the consciousness of your world. It is a divine operation that is making first contact possible. Our present role is to dispatch the last obstacles to first contact in a manner preapproved by Heaven. Then, at the right moment we are to come and formally introduce ourselves to you. This is what we are now in the midst of. We intend to complete our agenda, end the 'UFO' cover-up, and proceed swiftly with first contact.

      It is essential that you as a people move beyond the millennia-long xenophobia that is so openly encouraged in your religious philosophies and 'recorded' history. You have long had close associations with so-called extraterrestrials, or ETs. These interactions include your former overloads, the Anunnaki; various groups from the dark Anchara Alliance; and a Sirian-based coalition from the Galactic Federation. These groups played a significant role in the development of your present civilization. Indeed, the mythologies of ancient Greece, Rome, India, and China, as well as those of the peoples of the Americas and Oceania, are full of stories that confirm this fact. Celestial intervention is the norm, and the present time is not as anomalous as your governments would have you believe. Acknowledgement in some countries of UFO cases long sequestered by your governments is a sign that this decades-long cover-up cannot last much longer.

      As these things become known, our more frequent appearance in your day and night skies can lead only to the logical fact that you are not alone. Our next step is to offer more dramatic proof that we are here, that we are benevolent, and that we are ready to carry out a first contact. Let us state at this point that we are breaking no so-called 'law of non-interference'. This notion is born of a fear-filled mindset that wishes to invalidate our presence. In fact, it is the evaluation and decisions of local spiritual hierarchies that allow or disallow contact from other planets or star nations. If you look at your earth history you can see thousands of instances of such visits here; and all of them had valid reasons, and all of them contributed to where you are today. However, it is the specialness of Mother Earth and the decrees of the divine plan that bring us here now. It is divine dispensation and, ultimately, heart logic that are the reasons for our presence.

      First contact is simply a natural development. A preliminary step is the aforementioned consultation with your local Spiritual Hierarchy. In normal circumstances, we ascertain what is in the highest spiritual interests of the planet or star nation being considered. This forms the pivot of any first contact preliminaries. In your case, our presence here is the result of a special dispensation from Lord Surea. Indeed, our continuing observations of your scientific, political, and cultural arenas reveal that you still have much progress to make to meet our nominal preconditions for first contact. Further, without this special dispensation and the focused intercession of Heaven the present level of contact would not be where it is today. Heaven knows that you are a most special case, and we are therefore detailed to intervene extensively in your affairs. The dark knows this, and wishes it were otherwise!

      Much of what we are doing on this mission is unprecedented. In effect, our role has become that of a restricted, benevolent overlord of your world. Only if necessary can we intervene directly and at a moment's notice. In the main we work with our Earth allies according to the allowances of Heaven. However, your despair and frustration have lingered on for far too long! Covertly, actions are being taken to remedy this. During all this your dark ones continue to keep up a 'space going' technology, one that can easily solve your major energy and environment-destroying difficulties. Keeping you in the dark about these technologies is, to us, totally insane! Another oddity is the manipulation of currencies to accumulate wealth. These crazy games have all gone on well past the time for them to be changed. It would have been much better if the dark ones had become the Bearers of a new reality as a way to end this era of darkness.

      The dark knows that 'the jig is up'! Heaven has begun to involve you in a new game: It is called full consciousness and brings an end to all limitation. The dark needs to stand aside and graciously renounce the old game that is in any case being discontinued by the decrees of Heaven. Shortly the dark's envoys will abandon this lost cause and be compelled to acknowledge the purpose of the game for what it is: a temporary odyssey through darkness to gain experience. Now the Light returns, and the experiences gathered up into a great wisdom to be used as needed by all of you. You came to participate in this drama of the dark and play the various roles. Rejoice, and celebrate the reunion with your spiritual and space kin!

      Today, more has been revealed. You are in the last days of your present reality, a reality that is in the throes of a heavenly transformation. The time comes for the special ships of ritual to change this reality, thus permitting us to land and complete what Heaven so magnificently began! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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