Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        12 Kan, 2 Tzotz, 2 Ik        

Greetings, dear Hearts! We come again with more to discuss with you! Presently, your world is caught in the final moves of a grand chess game between the forces of Light and dark. What is to be remembered about this time is the length of this chess match and how the Light finally outsmarted the dark. It will be seen that the key to all this was the overdrawn position accepted by the dark. Everywhere, holes kept popping up in their defense strategies. Eventually, these growing gaps led to their downfall. When you look upon the true history of this world, you can see how the dark was compelled to allow its entourage to become more internationally diverse. The dark's intention was to forge a series of interlocking groups whose purpose was to manipulate and secretly control international banking and commerce. These groups were to report to a ruling directorate based initially in Europe and later also in North America. This directorate became very powerful. In the late 1990s, threats to its power started to appear first in Asia and then in Eastern Europe. These puny challenges were the beginnings of a broader power struggle.

      By the start of this decade, these challenges to the dark's dominance were strengthening. This did not go unheeded by the dark cabal's ruling directorate. Its response to these provocations was to stage a massive event known as 9/11. It was specifically engineered to lead to a state of global martial law and the formal declaration of a new world order. Most of the conditions necessary for this state were complete by the Gregorian year of 2002. However, the final objectives of this goal were not quite achieved. Instead, the forces of Light had managed to keep a number of their strongholds intact and began to create new alliances with former members of the dark's various international banking and commerce cartels. These coalitions were to increase both in number and in membership over the next few years. What was forming can be likened to a volcano before an eruption: a dome in the floor of the crater can temporarily contain an upsurge of magma, but in the end it blows. Until that point, all seems normal and quiet to a casual observer.

      This underlying explosive potential characterizes the present state of your world. Our liaison and diplomatic missions watch this phenomenon grow. Vast amounts of money, resources, and plans have moved across your globe in the last few years. Most of these moves make up the thrust and parry of an enormous conflict that alternatively helps or hinders the goals of the dark. These moves are part of a divine plan to provide you all with some much-needed lessons in humility and patience. The lengthy duration of these final proceedings is a test and an evaluation of the growth of those elements that can hasten your destined enlightenment. Thus, it is fitting at this time to look out upon the predicaments of your world while focusing on the vision of a new Earth. Our Earth allies are working as diligently as possible to achieve a great victory. This victory is not merely about prosperity; it is about creating a world suitable for the completion of the destined grand transformation of humanity. This world will have unraveled the UFO cover-up and returned to humanity its unalienable freedom and its God-given sovereignty!

     Because of the unique nature of what is happening, the timing of essential events can take longer than scheduled. Hence, rumors abound, and things fail to transpire as "supposedly" planned. It is important not to lose hope or be blown off course by the news of the day. Much is happening beneath the radar of the daily news. The dramatics in the halls of power are never presented for public consumption and undergo a careful whitewash of obfuscation. Instead, a slosh of half-truths and invention makes up your daily newscasts. To top it all, those who manipulate you in the first place are presented in a favorable light. It is time to cut through such pap and help you to better understand what is truly going on around you. Remember that the dark is not just another amorphous bogeyman; it comprises a labyrinthine power structure manned by many dedicated adherents and highly capable sycophants. Defeating its hold on your reality is no easy matter. Happily, there exist those who are equally dedicated to its demise.

      The various programs designed to produce a new reality are in place. The final legal and governmental mechanisms are currently finishing their last revisions. Changing your global society to the extent required is complex. The learning curve mentioned above must also be factored in. As you know, a divine timetable unknown to the general public is in effect, and when all aspects are taken into consideration, they point to an assured triumph for the Light. Lord Surea and the entirety of Heaven comprehend the immensity of what is to transpire. Enlightenment usually happens to a prepared few; in this instance, it is to occur en mass to an entire world. This leap in reality requires a proper foundation that can lead to sudden manifestation. This is now taking place. As your consciousness grows, the field of positive potential around you likewise expands, while negative potential simultaneously contracts. This is natural Law. Thus you can see that the time for great change is near.

      These changes will transform your entire world at a stroke. The intricacy and global scope of these changes are responsible for the perceived "delays." It is vital that you comprehend the significance of what is about to happen: namely, a concentrated broad shot against the powers that be, followed swiftly by actions that greatly consolidate and expand upon the initial effects. The success of these actions depends upon a meticulously prepared first step. This first overt step opens up the chess game and leads to a swift checkmate. This requires that all the pieces and moves are in place and prepared covertly ahead of time for success to be assured. These foundational steps cannot be hurried and our evaluation personnel tell us that these are currently proceeding on schedule. Your divine bestowal is now receiving its finishing touches and will be made public only when ready.

      The question of timing has become quite important during the course of this operation. Despite our wish to carry out this mission as swiftly as possible, we came to understand that a natural learning curve is an integral part of the procedure. We were required to give up some of our insistence on speed and let the matter move at its own pace. This new mode of operation yielded many dividends for us, one of which was the more effective integrating of our requirements with those of our Earth allies. This has resulted in a greater friendliness toward us as well as more willingness to endorse joint operations involving us in various special committees. All this points to a public declaration to end the UFO cover-up and expose the special group in charge of this cover-up. This will also greatly affect the directorate that controls the last dark cabal.

      As you can see, the process of transforming your reality has been a learning curve for all concerned. We, too, have learned much about your world and discovered how a limited-consciousness realm can be changed back into full consciousness. The divine beauty of this process cannot be overestimated. Your world is changing in stops and starts but nonetheless remains staunchly on track. This steadfastness is due to the Loving guidance of Heaven. All of Heaven blesses you and intends your victory. Lord Surea has solemnly decreed that this world be set free of the dark's harsh yoke and be returned to its former glory. This is what is now underway on your world. It is to be done in right divine time, with all necessary lessons learned, and with all the wisdoms you need to carry out your destiny firmly in place.

      Today, we reviewed what is happening on your world. We ask you to be fully focused on the positive actions needed and to do your part in making this victory a reality. Never lose sight of the fact that, despite the present potential strength of the dark, your victory is divinely assured. Together, We are indeed Victorious! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

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