Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        11 Cimi, 9 Mol, 5 Caban        

Selamat Balik! We come before you again with much to discuss. Pivotal events are taking shape before us. Our Earth allies are completing a very delicate series of maneuvers which constitute grave dilemmas for the dark. Once achieved, these predicaments will force the dark cabal to resign finally from the game. Concurrently, the new caretaker regimes are to assume authority, and their first act in office will be a series of formal announcements explaining the whys and wherefores of the sweeping debt forgiveness programs and the new hard-backed currency. These two simultaneous initiations are just the beginning of a new monetary policy for your world. These broadcasts are to be followed swiftly by pronouncements that put an end to illegal wars and invasions. A timetable for a return to true representative governance will also be laid out. Once these primary items are dealt with, the UFO disclosure goes to the top of the agenda. This can be an exciting as well as a disturbing time because for many decades exotic devices were used in secret by a number of your major governments.

      These devices include suppressed on-planet inventions as well as alien technology, the latter having been well tested and proven in many black operations. UFO disclosure is to provide the opportunity to unveil these immense inventories along with many other inventions that have been kept out of the public arena. In a few short steps your technology is to surge forward bringing online a new scientific paradigm and birthing an exciting milieu which can reflect back to you many surprising things about yourselves, including how your reality is truly constructed. This will be a boon to your rising consciousness. Many 'truths' accepted by you at face value and perpetrated by the dogmas of your sciences and philosophies can then fall away, and a truer definition of you and Mother Earth can take shape. These new truths can then serve as a foundation for what we are to tell you, about why we have come from afar and about how you are to be individually returned to full consciousness. This process provides a wonderful way to introduce us formally to you and to show you some of your unlimited potential.

      The true direction underlying your global turmoil is an unerring and irresistible sweep back into prosperity and full consciousness. This drive has been growing within you since the end of World War II. Superficially, the post-1945 world carried on as before; but deep within multiple secret projects around your globe a new governmental structure was developing. These early directorates rapidly acquired the ability to subvert the safeguards set in place to prevent exactly this from happening. By the early 1960s, these secret structures had morphed into underground governments that were running key policies which were no longer hindered by their aboveground former masters. These shadow regimes form a vital part of the dark cabal's operational web and we closely monitored these conspirators as they weaved the policies that led to the undoing of your global economy, enforced a UFO cover-up, and spawned a vast empire feeding off senseless wars, illegal drug industries, and perpetrating an inhumanity unmatched in your history. Their empire encompasses the largest global banks and multinationals, and administers transnational criminal activities.

     Toppling this labyrinthine empire has not been easy for our Earth allies. It controls major governments and has allied itself with the old power structure left behind by the Anunnaki. The denizens of this megastructure are what we call the dark cabal and it has its roots in the horrors of WW II. It is true to say that on many levels the hidden agenda of this war did not end in 1945. Its goals are ongoing today, and what is about to happen now is the de facto final defeat of these awful objectives. These undercurrents explain some of the scary developments of the present times. For our part, we can only give you broad brushstrokes about current events. This goes rather against our grain as we greatly prefer to be open and frank, but secrecy is how things get done on your world. We have, however, clearly outlined the predominant issues and repeat that victory is approaching swiftly as the dark is running out of resources and ways to defer the inevitable. Many groups and nations have come together to force a termination of the chaos that has engulfed your reality.

      Around you, undeniable developments are apparent: beneficent changes in peoples' awareness; grass-roots organizations growing and interconnecting on the World Wide Web; and behind the scenes, the gratifying coming-together of the groups we call our Earth allies. The new reality this attests to recognizes the importance of ending the UFO cover-up. It is to be an incontrovertible instant of transformation for Earth's humanity! Nothing will be the same. It changes the way you perceive yourselves, your place in the divine scheme, and your future world. You now possess the wealth to end poverty, to educate everyone, and spread truths that will astonish. The Earth allies are to provide you with the means for this, and all you need is the motivation. In this, we expect you to excel! Inside each of you is the genetic imperative to radiate your divine essence. You know you are each others' keepers and that you are all ONE!

      This movement away from the dark and its grim intentions for you arises from Heaven's gentle guidance of you from the beginning. She wants you to thrive not perish. It is also time to honor Mother Earth and to redress the depredations visited upon her. You were intended to be the 'perfect guests' and the loving stewards of this wondrous blue-green world. She is a living entity and you need to return her to health. Her many ecospheres now require nursing and her three elements (land, sea, air) need extensive revivifying. This ability, albeit dormant at present, lies within you. Once you are fully conscious, you can work your magic upon her. The brilliance you are to give forth is to produce a world of unimaginable beauty. At its center will be you, true physical Angels; and the Light of your world, future Earth, is to be the center of a new star-nation.

      At present, ethereal Beings live on every orb in this solar system and soon you will be able to commune with them. Absorb their considerable wisdom: It contains the history of this multiplex reality system and the framework for what you are destined to build: a great star-nation. This wondrous land is to be your home world, and the galaxy and indeed the whole of physicality will open before you. The journeys you are to make are quite beyond your present imagination. An age of exploration is your destiny! Ships of your design and inclination are to take you to areas of immense beauty and to conferences that are to change the very make-up of distant societies and the galaxies they reside in!

      You are a special people who originally migrated here from many parts of this galaxy. We, as your family, come to renew this kinship and to let you remember who you truly are. We look forward to what lies ahead. See this present morass as simply the last test of your ability to overcome great odds. And remember always: Heaven has your back! She put forth mighty warriors of Light and great negotiators who are right now doing what is needed to free your world from its dark oppressors. This operation is taking longer than expected. Nevertheless, remain confident, and bear in mind the immensity that is the Light. This great force is preparing to pull off a resounding victory and return you fully to the Light. This time is now dawning!

      Today, we delved further into the elements that are being primed to generate your new reality. Our task goes well beyond first contact. It has come to include the role of guide and mentor to you in your new reality. Soon this new dreamtime-like world is to be yours. Thus we come to serve and protect Earth's Humanity! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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