Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        12 Cauac, 12 Mol, 3 Manik        

Selamat Jarin! We come to you on this date to give more information about the grand things planned for your ever-changing reality. Despite the rising tide of chaos, your world is nevertheless slipping into its destined future. The last dark cabal remains adamant in its strategies and continues on its doom-laden path. The US media, also, persist with their nonsensical reporting of global events. Meantime, our Earth allies move forward with a series of projects that are now on the very brink of fulfillment. The goal of these projects is the release of those funds that give sustenance to the Light's supporters and simultaneously permit the prosperity deliveries to go forth en masse. It is our desire to assist these efforts. Our many liaison teams are wholly dedicated to ensuring that these essential funds as well as a number of regime changes happen as directed by the Divine. In line with these efforts, a range of important legal adjustments is being affected, which are to enhance the economic and socio-political changes now so deeply longed for by your world.

      These subtle changes are enabling our Earth allies to plug the remaining loopholes in our grand plans for removing the dark. In other words final tactics are now being applied to settle the international legal issues involved with the funds and their transfer to you. All outstanding hitches are being rapidly resolved and made secure. These are not times for sudden untoward surprises to pop up and spoil the expected outcome; so we put into play a substantial amount of our expertise and are advising our allies on what needs doing moment by moment. We are gratified that they are using this intelligence wisely and are prudently applying it to accelerate the success of their cause. We have also requested their former overlords, now called the Anunnuki, to apply additional pressure upon this last cabal. This pincer movement means that our joint agenda is moving forward, and we can thus assure you that the "first domino" is getting very close. Those involved in the removal of the current US regime are also ready to push forward once their "green light" is given.

      Mother Earth is also busy preparing herself for the vast changes contemplated by Heaven. For nearly 13 millennia, she has been forced to contort her body in ways that were required for the continued existence of her prized limited-conscious humans. Her magnificent sacrifice is now nearing its end, and she is looking forward to her return to her former fully conscious self. To this end a number of portents of earth changes have been provided, and those who pay attention to these signs realize that we are indeed close to a transformation of this reality. They also understand that these change are divine in nature. In light of this these wise souls have used their authority to give a warning to others that something quite incredible is at hand. Your world needs to comprehend that what is happening is a grand shift on all levels of consciousness. Love is Light, and it is this divine energy that is accomplishing its handiwork in the sacred space called physicality! Here, it seeks to move you in one great surge to the next prophesied reality.

      The world of illusion you live in is not as solid or as changeless as you were taught to believe; it is what the Hindus call "Maya," and is governed by the Divine and by your True Selves. It is this sacred council that has decreed the great changes that is happening around you. You are to move to a world that your dark manipulators have relegated to the realms of myth and impossibility. But changes to your world are becoming increasingly apparent each day, while the reality created by the dark gets steadily more untenable. At every hand disasters are waiting to happen: The biosphere is becoming almost too toxic to support life; mass extinctions of whole species of plants and animals are underway; and Mother Earth's upper atmosphere grows more unstable, resulting in drastic global climate change. This affects your oceans by indirectly changing the pathways of major ocean currents.

      These adjustments of your atmosphere and oceans are upping the pressures Mother Earth is putting on human society. This is done not out of malice but Love. Humanity is getting a "heads up" and must respond with a path of action! In the same vein our increased exposure in your skies is another sign that the world you have known is reaching a point of change. This process is further emphasized by the changes happening within each one of you. On top of all this are our weekly messages to you, aimed at giving you the means to pull the bigger picture together and to understand the extent of these changes. Nevertheless, despite our many messages you need to hone your faculties of discernment: As you look around, see beyond surface appearances; take information from all quarters (personal observation, Internet, reading etc.) and weave it all together. You will find that some amazing patterns begin to emerge.

      The first thing to strike you is likely to be that massive change to your consciousness and your reality is incontestable! Next, you may perceive that the invincibility of the dark is manifestly crumbling. Your world is moving at its own pace toward something completely different and quite grand. Our medical teams notice a marked increase in your perceptive abilities, which means that you are accepting this change. And yet, somehow, you are still reluctant to fully embrace what you read, see, or even feel. This is hardly surprising given the intense; misleading indoctrination you are given by the Anunnaki and their minions. You are now, in effect, grappling with opposing value systems. Eventually, you are destined to break free and take on a set of new core perceptions concerning reality. And yet, what may seem quite fantastical to you now is merely the beginning of what you are destined to learn!

      The investigation of the UFO cover-up takes you on a trip that reveals your off-world origins and shows the falsity of your stories of earthly evolution. Then you cannot help but look at your reality with new eyes. Now you will be able to focus on new insights and be ready to question how and why your present reality was shaped some 13 millennia ago. This then brings you to the next leg of the journey, which is to knit all the new facts into a whole. Now you have a structure from which to winkle out the falsities of your indoctrination and replace them with the new facts. This process feeds your growing faculties of discernment and readies you for the next step; namely, to be on the watch for "traveling companions" who can help you put the pieces of the puzzle together; and it is this skill that teaches you about the importance of sharing with others.

      This next step of forming community and educating others is where most of you are right now. The remainder of the galactic year needs to be devoted to interaction. From now on, your solitary path of exploration that got you to this point needs to be more outwardly manifested, and we wish to encourage you now to take this next step. We realize that it is not easy for some of you to come forward and allow your discerning wisdom to come into the open. To help you in this, Heaven and the First Contact Team are firmly behind you. We ask that you summon your already proven resources of courage to form groups, which at first can be support and information groups. As mentioned before, resources are covertly being prepared to support you as you grow into this next phase of your mission. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

      Today, we continued our discussion about what is truly happening around you. All signs indicate the swift approach of a grand change in your reality and of first contact. This pivotal event marks the boundary between your present and your golden new reality! We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

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