Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
1 Oc, 13 Kank'in, 1 Caban

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts, with more to discuss with you! As you look at your world from space, you are struck by her natural beauty and simultaneously saddened by the vast destruction wreaked upon her each day by your global society. Every major tropical forest on Mother Earth is under attack. The choking billows of smoke from myriad conflagrations are easily seen from near-Earth orbit, as are numerous dust clouds and plumes of pollution rising from your land and cities. We fully realize how the Earth-bound "powers that be" in your societies have created these lamentable environmental conditions. These proliferating problems have forced Mother Earth into a variety of self-healing modes, the result of which is a huge increase in the number of seismic events, volcanic eruptions, and changing weather patterns. As the imbalances caused by your survival-oriented carelessness deepen, she is left with no alternative but to counter like with like. Consequently, she has asked us to inform you of her plight and to propose some vital solutions to these overwhelming problems.

      As Mother Earth ascends, much on her surface needs to change. Bear in mind that for nearly 13 millennia, she has allowed herself to be put into a most precarious position. This sensitive condition permitted you to survive and flourish, but nonetheless left her with an ecosystem of delicate checks and balances. Therefore, any one group seeking to destroy these fragile checkpoints was able to do so. At the beginning, humanity was very mindful of the generous gift bequeathed to them by Mother Earth. But, after a number of cataclysms engineered by the Anunnaki that terminated four major ages of humanity, mankind sank into amnesia and lost all knowledge of the great sacrifices Mother Earth had made for it. Then, in the fifth great age, the one designated as "recorded history," a ravaging of the many environments of Earth began in earnest. At first, these operations were relatively small and largely hit and miss. But in the past two and a half millennia, the extent of the damage grew geometrically and in the past hundred years, exponentially.

      Mother Earth is intent on locking in her tectonic plates and altering her atmosphere. The anchors for the two firmaments are already in place. This odd phenomenon together with the preparations for reordering the atmosphere's many layers has produced conditions that baffle most meteorologists. While the unbridled spread of pollution has accelerated the extinction of whole orders of flora and fauna on your world, it is no longer the dominant cause. Rather, Mother Earth's Council of Devas is orchestrating a wholesale rearrangement of the entire living ecosystem. Hence, many selected species were ready to become extinct as part of these preparations for the new reality. Nevertheless, Mother Earth sincerely desires your respect and wants you to stop destroying her forests, waterways, oceans, and even the air you breathe. This continuing mindless disregard for nature has grossly interfered with the natural order causing great discrepancies; creatures designed to endure were slaughtered to extinction and huge tracts of land laid to waste.

      Besides her normal preparations for ascension, Mother Earth is quietly resuming those capacities she so nobly put aside some 13 millennia ago. Among these are the energy receptors that allow her to receive increased energy from Source. This is activating planetary ley lines new to humanity and is resulting in anomalous conditions that sometimes interfere with your broadcasts and create electrical outages in your urban areas. Another aspect of this procedure is frequent adjustments of her electromagnetic grid. This has led on occasion to feelings of dizziness and a general sense of uneasiness in the more sensitive among you. Yet another consideration is the realignment of the Earth's procession and "wobble." It prepares her to move into a new position where the degree of declination from true north and south is quite minimal. This also paves the way for her to operate as a fully conscious monopolar planet.

      The Moon is likewise undergoing great change as he prepares to resume his role as an artificial satellite of the great trans-Martian world that we have dubbed Bellona. Evidence of preparations for reconstituting this largest of the solar system's water worlds has created a minor stir among your scientists. They are observing a large increase in collisions that occur naturally throughout the Asteroid Belt. While this great world starts her initial rumblings, the artificial sphere that is your Moon is activating his central control center in anticipation of major surface reconfigurations. Once, this moon possessed large oceans, continents, and an atmosphere that supported a varied ecosystem. Then the great counter-attack by the Galactic Federation laid him to waste as the mother world occupied by the Anchara Alliance was reduced to a huge assortment of rocks that have circled the Sun for the past 900,000 years. Now the time has come to make amends!

      Similar alterations are taking place on the other inner planets of your solar system. Both Venus and Mercury are heating up. The movement in their mantles is readying them for their respective futures as monopolar worlds. Also, the slight orbital corrections of Venus and Mercury are a requisite for becoming monopolar worlds in a close proximity to the Sun. Moreover, these corrections are part of a procedure to manifest the inner-most world called Vulcan, discovered by your astronomers in the mid-19th century. Shortly after she was named and her orbit plotted, Vulcan unaccountably vanished! This anomaly was caused by the Elohim who needed to move her temporarily into higher dimensions until this time in your history. Now, the procedures are well underway to reposition Vulcan in your future solar system.

      The Sun is going through great changes as well. Many solar scientists are becoming alarmed by the fact that even in her period of quiescence the Sun is much more active than usual. Again, this current hyperactivity is due to her need to transform into a fully conscious version of herself. The Sun is the great Mother who gave birth billions of years ago to your solar system. In doing so, she produced a fully conscious realm filled with a huge diversity of sentient life forms. When this solar system was exposed to the galactic wars millions of years ago, that rude intrusion wreaked havoc with her offspring, eventually forcing her into extensive changes to her original configuration. Now, remedial actions are underway to restore the solar system to her former glory as a fully conscious jewel near the outer edge of this galaxy!

      As you can see, your solar system is in motion. Much is now happening and much more needs to be done in the very near future. Our task is to assist the Elohim in this mission. Furthermore, we are firmly committed to a first contact with you. The volatility of the situation surrounding first contact on your world continues to keep us from setting a firm date. Your global society is becoming more conscious and those in charge of your deliverance from Earth's last dark cabal remain committed to their task. It is crucial to recognize this and not get caught up in unprofitable bouts of frustration. In this, we are deeply grateful for your forbearance and want you to rest assured that the victory you yearn for is not far off! The forces of Light are working all out for your success. Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

      Today, we have brought you up to date on events happening in your solar system. We have also reviewed some of what Mother Earth is doing to prepare herself for full consciousness. As ever, know in your heart that first contact and your decreed destiny are indeed near at hand! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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