A Step Toward Full UFO Disclosure:
The Incident at Ciudad del Carmen Campeche
by Sheldan Nidle

One of the First Contact fleet’s major missions is to monitor Mother Earth. The Bay of Campeche is a Caribbean inlet significant for three reasons: tourism; oil; and the ruins of major Mayan cities, such as Bacul, which is located on the Bay’s eastern region. A number of fault lines on the Bay of Campeche are linked into a major fault line system that includes most of East-Central Mexico. There also is a small system of magnetic grids, part of a major magnetic node, which centers near Mexico City. In March of this year, the Galactic Federation Earth fleet embarked on a major effort to monitor these magnetic node systems, since your secret government was attempting, at that time, to disturb Earth’s magnetic grid system.

One of their targets was the cities encircling the Bay of Campeche. These centers were to be used as test points for a new technology capable of causing confusion and illness. The first contact fleet assigned their geologic task force the additional undertaking of providing this information to their Galactic Federation medical teams. The purpose of this mission was to neutralize the effects this technology would have on the Mexican people. Moreover, it was decided that, if possible, one flight of the Galactic Federation’s fleet of thousands of Pleiadean and other star-nation scout ships was to establish a safe, benevolent contact with an unarmed Mexican Air Force reconnaissance aircraft.

On the day and time of the incident, a standard flight of eleven scouts, consisting of eight Pleiadean ships, two Andromedan and one from the Eta Herculean star-nation were in standard formation. Two forward scouts acted as command ships and were setting the ‘pathways’ for the observation runs of their flight. Approximately half-way into this part of their flight, the two ‘command’ scouts encountered the Mexican Air Force recon aircraft. Standard procedure was to evade and disperse the flight.

This done, one of the ‘command’ scouts communicated with the flight controller – a Pleiadean atmospheric command Mothership. Immediately, the Mothership relayed orders for the previously-practiced contact scenario to be carried out. This meant that the low-level cloaking maneuver was to be used and that the Mexican aircraft was to be followed and then surrounded by the entire flight. This would allow the aircraft to gather information, enabling its crew to prove that the scout ships were true spacecraft and that the scouts possessed technologies foreign to the aircraft’s trained crew and their special infra-red, radar and photographic instruments.

When the scouts returned, they carried out the full contact procedure. From close observation of the Mexican government, they knew that the Mexicans were open to dropping most of the nondisclosure procedures that the United States had forced them to adopt. This stance was necessary in order to ensure the American government’s cooperation on a number of joint ventures that included apprehension of clandestine drug flights into Mexico.

Need for UFO non-disclosure was severely tested when the Mexican government learned about, and was able to confirm, a number of secret ‘procedures’ being inflicted by the American ‘secret government’ upon the Mexican people. The Mexican government seemed more than ready for an incident such as this to break the code of UFO non-disclosure and show its disdain for what the American ‘secret government’ was doing. As expected, that is exactly what has occurred.

We in the Galactic Federation of Light unequivocally applaud the Mexican government and, especially, its Ministry of Defense, for their brave actions. In one small step, they have added enormous scientific credibility to our existence and benevolence. We plan to increase the number of such incidents in the near future. We intend to prove, to all concerned, that we are absolutely real and benevolent. It is imperative that the peoples of Earth know about First Contact and that, undeniably, it is drawing ever closer.

We offer this report to provide an explanation for this incident. Normally, scout ships of our First Contact Earth fleet remain in very deep cloaking mode. This is standard procedure to avoid encounters with hostile aircraft. In specific cases, it is vital for us to use a lighter level of cloaking for certain types of scientific monitoring of Mother Earth.

To recap: under normal circumstances, our ships can successfully evade military aircraft. In this case, as we have mentioned, we permitted our ships to maintain low-level cloaking. Such technology involves special magnetic distortions of the inter-dimensional Light spectrum. It is tied into our propulsion system, which employs magnetic and gravitational transducers to repel or attract your planet’s energy envelopes. We also use a series of frequencies to move our ships in or out of your reality grid. These technologies will be made fully available to you, once First Contact becomes a true, formal reality. We look forward, with triumphal joy, to that most special moment.

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