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Did you miss Sunday’s Galactic Activation Webinar?

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After far too long an absence, we are thrilled to welcome
back broadcaster and writer Patricia Cori. She guides us on
a fresh and captivating journey through our human DNA history,
and examines the effect it exerts upon our higher consciousness.

Patricia is an acknowledged authority on spirituality, a meta-physician and
clear clairvoyant and channeler. As Scribe to the Sirian High Council, she
was privy to a wealth of information that she shares with us today.
Our current reality is to accelerate its creation of new and higher levels
of awareness, which, in turn, will usher us away from Gaia's present
turmoil into a state of enlightenment and spiritual joy.

As an extra special bonus, Patricia presents a brief summary
of her new best-selling book, Hacking the God Code

Subjects to be discussed:
Patricia Updates Us on Her Mission’s Current Focus
Crop Circles
Sirian Connection Experiences
Our Human DNA History
Reclaiming Our DNA
Inter-dimensional Time Occurrences and Our Karma
Cosmic Phenomena
How They are Affecting Us
Hacking the God Code
The Conspiracy To Steal The Human Soul

Patrica Cori

About Patrica:
In July 1996, an incredible out-of-body journey catapulted Patricia Cori through the Milky Way and other galaxies, re-connecting her to a group of sixth-dimensional Light Beings whom she came to know as the Sirian High Council. As Scribe to the sixth-dimensional Sirian Light Emissaries, she became acquainted with their transformative insights, which she shares in her books and teachings.

Patricia, who has been referred to as a ‘grounded spiritualist,’ is an internationally-acclaimed author, thought leader and freedom fighter. She has published thirteen books, now re-issued at reasonable prices, in 22 foreign languages. Her most recent book was released September 30 of last year and is already a best-seller. HACKING THE GOD CODE: The Conspiracy to Steal the Human Soul, is a clarion call to humankind to awaken and take up their true leadership role for the preservation of our magnificent Planet Earth.

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